The Investigation Division, commanded by Captain Michael Radke, is composed of three units: Major Crimes, Special Investigation, and Evidence/Crime Scene.  Detectives are trained in crime scene processing, fingerprinting, electronic surveillance, interviews and interrogations, photography, narcotics identification and testing, search warrants, and various other technical skills related to criminal investigations.

The Major Crimes Unit is composed of five detectives, and is supervised by Detective Sergeant Richard Powers.  The detectives are responsible for investigating felony crimes including homicides, kidnapping, robbery, sex offenses, forgery, burglaries, auto thefts, etc.

The Special Investigative Unit is composed of two detectives and three officers, which is supervised by Detective Sergeant Jason Chase.  This unit is responsible for the investigation of the sale of illegal drugs, criminal street gangs, as well as intelligence.  Detectives are assigned to the Garden City/Finney County Drug Task Force, one officer is assigned to the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Drug Task Force, and two officers are assigned as police K-9 officers.

The Evidence/Crime Scene unit is composed of Evidence Technician Connie Bachman and Evidence Technician Andrea Mayes.  The technicians are responsible for responding to major crime scenes to gather evidence to alleviate detectives and officers from this task so they may focus on the criminal investigation. Evidence technicians are also responsible for the evidence and found property functions.

Collateral duties, such as Task Force Agents with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF), as well as forensic electronic examinations are fulfilled by detectives. 

Garden City/Finney County Street Gang Unit (SGU):

The SGU is comprised of officers from the Garden City Police Department, Finney County Sheriff’s Office, Kansas Highway Patrol and the Finney County Attorney’s Office. The SGU has adopted the Team Approach Regarding Gang Enforcement Techniques (TARGET) which is a philosophy used to focus on suppressing gang activity.


Canine (K-9) Unit
In July 1998, The Garden City Police Department started a Police Service Dog Program. This program was funded with proceeds from asset forfeiture funds and public donations. The department currently has two K-9 officers, Officer Richard Colburn, who is partnered with K-9 Johnny and Officer Christopher Seeman, who is partnered with K-9 Echo.  Officer Colburn and K-9 Johnny graduated the Kansas Highway Patrol K-9 Training Program in 2014, and Officer Seeman and Echo graduated from the same program in 2016.