Office of Professional Standards

Captain Randy Ralston
The Office of Professional Standards reports directly to the Chief of Police. Captain Randy Ralston commands the division.  Captain Ralston and Sergeant Andy Roush are responsible for the day to day activities within the Office of Professional Standards. The primary responsibilities of the Office of Professional Standards are recruitment, applicant testing, training, complaint processing, and internal affairs investigations.


The Office of Professional Standards coordinates recruitment and testing of all new personnel. Training encompasses applicant training, in-service training and scheduling of training outside of the department. Complaint processing and internal affairs investigations are crucial components of the department to ensure the public confidence in the employees of the agency.

Sergeant Andy Roush

The Office of Professional Standards also houses the Community Service Officer. The Community Service Officer is assigned to give tours, presentations, coordinate the neighborhood watch program, and other duties to help foster the community policing philosophy.
If you have a concern or complaint you are encouraged to please bring it to our attention. You can report it in person, by mail, by telephone or email.
Racial/Biased-Based Policing Notification
Garden City Police Department
Office of Professional Standards
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