Awards and Recognition

2014 Awards

Employee of the Quarter - Officer Keith Kuenstler & Officer Jerred Stritt

Meritorious Service - Deborah Lopez

On February 9th, 2014, at 1948 hours Supervisor Lopez received a report of a missing person.  A sixty-six year old male with early onset Alzheimer’s took his wife to work at noon and had not returned to the home since.  He had phoned his family telling them that he was lost.  He had driven off the road and was out of gas and he did not know where he was.  An officer was sent to the residence to take the initial report and communications personnel sent out an attempt to locate to all local units as well as agencies in southwest Kansas.  About thirty minutes into the situation, Cheyenne Wells Colorado called and advised that their agency had received a 911 call from the subject who advised them the same information.  This call changed the scope of the situation immensely, as now the search area had significantly increased in size and we knew that the subject was no longer in our department’s jurisdiction.  The weather was bitterly cold and that element created a hazard to the victim.  Lopez spent the next eight hours coordinating with agencies in western Kansas and eastern Colorado.  She involved AT&T in the search by obtaining cell phone information.  Numerous phone calls, e-mails, and teletypes were sent on this case.  The roughest part of it all was at the end of her shift the situation had not been resolved.  The search for the missing person went on for two days. Lopez continued to relay information to those involved and she also continually updated Command Staff on the events that occurred during her shifts.  The missing person was eventually located and survived the ordeal. 


2013 Awards

Meritorious Service - Clint Brock


Lifesaving Award - Cory Rupp

ACO Rupp was in the area with an animal violation, when a call of a baby not breathing came out in the area. ACO Rupp responded, without hesitation and without being dispatched, to assist if he could. ACO Rupp began infant CPR and took the infant to the arriving ambulance and assisted all the way to the Emergency Room.

5 Years of Service Award 10 Years of Service Award

Tiffany McDermott
Roger Montez
Chris Stucky
Ben Weeks
Emma Banuelos
Juan Barajas
Aubrey Bascue
Clyde Blood
Pedro DeLeon
Matt Markel
Andrea Mayes-Nelson

EJ Ocjs
Robert Ojeda
Doug Heit
Hailey Knoll

15 Years of Service Award 20 Years of Service Award

Brandy Unruh
Troy Davis

Connie Bachman

30 Years of Service Award  

Chief Hawkins